Good day, my name is Eric Knibbe. I enjoy programming, I tolerate oatmeal cookies, and I despise Comic Sans. I was raised on Lego, music, and cereal with 2% milk. In my spare time I have been known to mess with computers, practice photography, and blog on occasion. Recently I learned to program in Python. I am adept at fixing things, and having bought myself a car, I look forward to learning it inside out. I often enjoy getting email, which I check far too frequently. My released software offerings so far consist of two AppleScripts, HTMLize Selected Text and Journler2Blogger, which I, at least, find useful. I also maintain a Drupal theme called NoProb. I'm all over the internet, and have recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, where I post things which tend to make sense only to people with my brand of programmer humour, like “