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RIAA and MPAA Fund Anti-Piracy Politicians

With the new election season hotting up in the United States, and scuffles between states for presidential primaries, you do end up wondering about the election process. With Representatives having to be re-elected every two years, it is vital for them to be seen to be doing something, no matter how effective, or necessary the action is.

With seventeen months still to go until election time, (and the previous election only 7 months ago) some congressional candidates are already accepting contributions for their November 2008 campaign run from so called “political action committees” (PAC). In this article we’ll be looking at two of them; RIAA’s “Recording Industry Of America Inc. Political Action Committee” and MPAA’s “Motion Picture Association of America Political Action Committee”.

Submitted by matt on June 11, 2007 - 3:37pm.

'Harry Potter' In Rob Zombie's Hands? 'Very Violent With A Lot Of Nudity'

Is the revolving door done spinning?

After the first two "Harry Potter" films, it appeared there would be a different director for each subsequent flick — with Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and then David Yates stepping in to expand on the world Chris Columbus first created onscreen.

(See the directors of "American Beauty," "Napoleon Dynamite" and more talk about what they'd bring to the final "Harry Potter" film.)

While it's anyone's guess whether one of the previous directors will finish the series off, we wonder — what if someone new came aboard? What would the final film look like if, say, Terry Gilliam or Tim Burton were heading it up? Since the Potter-verse offers so many possibilities, we've asked this question before, with varying results (see "Harry Potter, You Got Served! How Other Directors Would Handle The 'Potter' Flicks"), and we're still asking. Here's our latest batch of answers:

Submitted by matt on May 12, 2007 - 12:50pm.

25-hour Film Festival

It's back! It's happening over academic advising, starting at 9:30pm on Monday April 23 and finishing at 10:30pm on Tuesday April 24, with the screening happening in the Bytwerk Theater on Wednesday. Get a team together and sign up by emailing, or find more info at the facebook group.

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Another film festival going on

If you liked the 25-hour film festival, you'll like this one even more: the Insomnia Film Festival from Apple. One less hour to write, shoot, and edit a video, but much higher stakes. Only the first 500 teams to sign up can participate, so start thinking about getting a team together now if you're interested.