Bad Coffee
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What is Bad Coffee?

Although it's been around for a few years now, wireless internet access is still a maturing technology. These days, chances are your favourite coffee shop will have it available in one form or another. Once you're connected, you can surf, check email, and do whatever else you'd do if you were plugged in at home.

Still, there is vast potential for doing fun or useful things with these existing wireless access points (APs). When fully realized, our system will let your WiFi-enabled Palm device to find public APs nearest to your current or any other location, and bring up in-depth details about any one of those APs, such as technical information, street address, when the busiest times are; as well as ratings left by other users regarding the location's environment, service, and food; if applicable. The system could later be extended to a web-based interface, and include things like personalized messages set to appear on a certain user's device when they walk in the door. Also, this system has possibilities for gathering data on people traffic and other statistics, as well as being a new advertising market.

What about BeanTree Development?

That's the name for our CS 262 '05 group, consisting of John Van Enk, Tom Mellema, Bob Zeilstra, and Eric Knibbe. The name we came up with in a fit of inspiration while looking for a group name that sounded at least pseudo-professional while still making some underhanded reference to coffee.

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